People often ask me if consultants are expensive. 

The answer is "yes and no"

Consultants are expensive if they cannot solve your problem (and keep your money!) or if they come up with wrong answers.
Consultants are also expensive if they come up with the right answer and you ignore it.

You cannot afford to retain me if you are not willing to take my own advice!

In fact, I will not accept you as client unless I believe there is a good chance that I can do you some good and that your operation will be better as a result.
Consultant are a bargain if they can help you arrive at a better answer in less time.

To minimize the financial exposure, I structure my engagements in phases. This allows us to make adjustments if the results start to look negative, if we start to see something we did not expect or if you should decide to take another approach to the project. Working this way leaves all your options open and keeps you in control of the engagement.

My sole intention in undertaking any assignment is to deliver documents and professional services which genuinely provide benefit to you. Toward this end, I will complete the assignment at the lowest cost and the fastest possible manner consistent with accuracy and revelance. I will maintain an open dialogue and, where appropriate, provide weekly progress memoranda.

In the performance of all duties and activities, I will act solely as your consultant. My fees are independent of, and are not in anticipation of, any equity or management position with a commercial venture which might result from an engagement.

Therefore, I want to make sure you understand not only what we have done and how to do it, but why it works. It is critical that you will be able to maintain the new results over time without me, because I do not want to create a dependent relationship with anyone.

My goal is to work myself out of a job as quick as possible. This why my work usually involves some degree of teaching and counseling. Knowledge is more powerful than ignorance, but understanding is more powerful than knowledge. What you understand, you can maintain.

I guarantee you will be delighted with the manner in which the engagement is conducted and the quality of the work produced. I will do whatever is necessary to be sure this project exceeds your expectations.

I will adequately support all my conclusions and recommendations. I do not guarantee that the results of my research will prove any particular point.

"I truly believe that the success (or demise) of a restaurant may well be determined before it ever open. With the amount of money you have to invest in, it just makes sense to have an impartial third party watching out for the blind spots."

I do, indeed, guarantee to approach the assignment as if I were doing the work for my own account.

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