I learned this business the way most people did -working 16-hour days and 7-day weeks!
In fact, I used to be proud of many hours I could put in. The predicable result was that I burned myself out and still did not accomplish what I wanted.
My intentions were good. I just did not understand...
By contrast, managing my last operation, I usually worked less than 40 hours a week and got twice as much done as I ever had in my life!
If there were emergencies, we hardly noticed! I left because my staff was totally running the show... and this doing it as well as I did!
This route to this stress-free work environment is simpler than you may think.

If you have been thinking that there must be an easier way to run restaurant than the way you see most people doing it, you are right!
I can show you how smart operators around South-East Asia are getting more done in a shorter time with less effort and virtually no stress.
You can join a growing group of restaurateurs who have a successful business and a life!
I understand if this idea seems to good to be true. Consider the possibility that your skepticism arises just because you have not seen a way to do it, not because it cannot be done.
If you think that enjoying stress-free food and beverage management, spending time with your mate and having time to watch your children grow up is a worthy goal, we should talk.

In all my training, nobody taught me about people and what make them thick.
As an operator, I found I needed to be effective when dealing with my guests because they bring in the money.
I also needed to be effective when dealing with my staff because they did all the work and created the guest's experience. Fortunately, I found the answer to the people puzzle.
If you are interested, I can show you how to develop an instant working rapport with anyone, even irate guests... and how to teach your staff to be equally as effective.

In case you are tempted to write off this coaching as superfluous, remember that service is right now the restaurants battlefield.
Remember that your restaurant sinks or swims based on how well your staff delivers on the promises you make to the market.
Remember too, that your staff will treat your guests the same way you treat your staff!

#Quote of the week#
"If I give you a dollar, you will become one dollar richer and I will become one dollar poorer.
But if I give you an idea, you will have a new idea, but I still have it too!"
Albert Einstein

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