I take my own advice
I consider myself an operator first and a consultant second. The truth is that I would rather be doing it than talking about it. As an operator, I believe my most important job is to learn as much as I can and tech it to my staff, so consulting is just a natural extension of that thinking.
Most of my best ideas came in response to problems i wanted to solve in my own operations and it is encouraging to see that when i take my own advice, it works!
I will evaluate your situation as if it were my own and give you the advice that I would take were in your position.

I understand restaurant reality
I have rarely worked for a large group or chain ; and I did not enjoy it! So, I am not accustomed to solve problems by throwing money at them.
In my own operations and in all varied management positions, i have always had to work with limited resources. Still, I could always find a way to deliver the goods. I have learned how to solve most restaurant problems without the need to make a heavy financial commitment.

I can help you clarify your thinking
If you are sure what you want to do, I can review you plans and assumptions to be sure all the bases are covered and that your idea is consistent. I can help you clarify what needs to be done in all areas of the project before you start spending your major development funds.

I can help you maximize your productivity
I can show you how to structure your organization to naturally bring out the finest work from your staff. Best of all, the more self-motivated your crew, the fewer problems you will have to solve.

I can help you maximize your staff retention
Staff turnover is expensive. Start to look at payroll as a profit center rather than a cost point. I can help you to understand why your crew leaves and what to do about it. I can teach you how to beat the labor shortage by becoming the most sought-after employer in town and how to have a waiting list of people who want to work for you!

I can help you maximize your patronage
I can help you find an exciting concept that will appeal to a broader market. I can help you define and create a clear identity in the market so that the people will think of you (and dine with you) more often. I can show you how to actively create and manage word-of-mouth advertising from your existing guests... and how to have them saying exactly the things you want them to say!

I can help you maximize your repeat business
I can show you how to create an environment that will draw your guests back more frequently. I can help you avoid the service lapses that cause your patrons to become disenchanted and go elsewhere. I can help you create the sort of legendary service that is practically competition-proof.

I can help you maximize your sales opportunities
I can help you identify new products and services to offer your market. Just because you are in the restaurant business does not mean your sales have to be limited by what you can do inside the restaurant.

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