Restaurant Marketing involves finding and implementing an operation style that can occupy a unique position in the minds of the target market and be consistently operated at a profit.
This is an inexact science, relying on a elusive ability to "see what's not there", but there are several identifiable characteristics of a good concept:
Flexible - the ability to evolve over time without loss of market identity
Simple - more classic than trendy with resulting potential for longevity
Profitable - the ability to generate excellent return on investment
Duplicable - the ability to regenerate and expand
Compatible - does not require extensive, expensive renovations to an existing physical plant
Fresh and Exciting - not a "me too" approach
Appropriate - meets a real need and creates sufficient "gravity" to attract guests
Consistent - can deliver on its promises using the prevailing labor market capabilities and existing management
Distinct - uniquely fills a niche in the market
Complementary - does not require directly confronting a competitor while enhancing the overall dining scene.

When you are looking for a restaurant idea, I assume that you are searching for a concept that as the potential to be successfully expanded rather than a one-time solution for specific domain.
Whether or not you ever actually duplicate an operation, in my experience it is crucial that your restaurant be duplicable concept.

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