tar·tine (tär-tn) -noun-
A French open-faced sandwich, especially one with a rich or fancy spread.
The target market of a "Tartine's Corner" does vary greatly according to location. 
However, it is vital you put in the basic market research to begin with so you know the market you are likely to serve.
Remember, not only is starting a business a major life-changing decision, it is also a major financial investment. 
As a result, you will need to make sure you are fully aware of the commitment you are about to make and what is involved...

In this case, I am might be able to outline:
* How to attract more customers and keep them coming  
* Interior design and decoration of your tartine's corner
* Efficient production methods
* Selecting the right staff
* The legal requirements for running a tartine's corner
* Food hygiene standards
* How to monitor and order stock
* How to price your products

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