Soup is in!

It is healthy, nourishing and inexpensive.
Open a small soup bar in almost any food court, arcade or shopping centre and watch the customers queue for a bowl or a take-away cup.

Profit margins are high in this business and it is possible to start off small, building the business as more profits are made.

Location is a major factor to consider when starting a soup bar. In fact, the target market of a soup bar does vary greatly according to location.

However, it is vital you put in the basic market research to begin with so you know the market you are likely to serve.

For instance, if located on a busy thoroughfare in a business/city district, young adults and business people will comprise the bulk of your customer base during weekdays, especially during lunch times. There will be a small percentage of older people as well as young. Weekend traffic will include more young people and families.

Understanding what is involved in the daily operation of a soup bar is also imperative. Since you are dealing primarily in food, it is important that preparation techniques are sound and all food served is of high quality and appearance.

All this and much more will be outlined by our services. We will investigate market potential, what to consider when choosing business premises and location, what equipment you will need, what to consider when it comes to costs and stock, how to effectively operate your business and the tax and legal issues you should be aware of.

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