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To win in this next coming season, you will need your restaurant's website to contribute to your reservations production. So, here is a countdown of the Top Ten Tip-Offs that your restaurant website needs attention.

It's time to seek advice from a Hospitality Internet Specialist, when:

10…You do a generic search and can't even find your own website.
9…People see your website and can't tell if your place is in Rayong or Ranong.
8…That template you used to make your site, looked good until you published it.
7…Your home page takes longer to load than "Apocalypse Now".
6…People click a link on your site and nothing happens.
5…People see your website and assume it was designed by a tagger.
4…People need a GPS device to navigate your super cool website.
3…You think Meta Tag is a cool game kids play in elementary school.
2…Your site is so out-of-date, the photos still feature shag carpeting.

And Number 1…
You're the owner and, even you, don't refer people to your website.

Some things in life are self-explanatory and other things take some time to understand and implement. Given enough time and specific interest, any general manager or restaurant owner can learn to develop and implement a workable Internet marketing program. Of course, finding the time and developing the interest most often prevents this from happening. During hard economic times like this, time is not our friend. Loss of time could mean loss of opportunity.

It's a common scenario to hear "we can do that ourselves" and the usual response is "of course, you can", but, in reality, it rarely happens. The problem is that the road to success is littered with good intentions; that road can be bumpy and twisting, but you need to get to the success end of the road, as quickly as possible.

It All Has a Familiar Ring to It

Many times, it's more cost-effective to put tasks in the hands of an expert to get things done, quickly and properly. The time and efficiency factor looms big in the decision to collaborate with a specialist. Can you do these things yourself? Sure, but will you?

What Kind of Help Can you Get?

The difference between hospitality website design and website development lies primarily in the way one views the use of the Internet. For a long time, the focus was directed towards simply having a presence on the Net; many people knew that it was a smart thing to do, but most of us had no clue as to what the potential might be.

As the popularity of using the Internet to research and book restaurants/hotels increased, more hospitality professionals discovered the virtues of search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. In many cases, this was the total extent of their Internet marketing programs…until now!

Today, a good Internet marketing program includes site market positioning, revenue management, search engine regional marketing, link strategy, package marketing, promotion creation, email promotion mailings, guest comment referrals, website design optimization, and more. Your collaboration with an Internet specialist should go far beyond simply having a website designed and published.

Marketing your hospitality business on the Internet is a complete process; it begins as a collaborative effort with an Internet specialist to position your restaurant within the marketplace. Work with a specialist to develop a complete marketing program for the Internet.

Only one question remains, can you do it yourself? Of course you can, but will you and how long will it take?

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