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Profitable Hospitality in 2009, Customers rule as never before, and smart operators will be really paying attention.
Guests will share their secrets, if you take time to listen. How many of these ring true...and what's your response?

1. My busy life means I have the attention span of a goldfish. If you don't keep in touch, I will forget you exist.

2. When I refer my friends and they have a great time, it makes me look smart - I like that!

3. I love it when you play good music - your staff know how to use music to create atmosphere.

4. I like to get treats that no one else does - at least let me think that they don't!

5. If you say it's the 'best coffee in town', make sure you deliver - otherwise you're just spouting hype like the big advertisers.

6. We will forgive slowness once or twice, but when it's more than that, we assume you don't care.

7. I really don't want to hear excuses when things go wrong - they're usually not convincing.

8. Thank me for my business, or the referrals I send you - if you don't, I assume I'm not important to you.

9. Your staff make personal phone calls when the boss is not looking - is that really OK?

10. Some staff don't charge us for all our food and drinks - I think they assume we will tip more.

11. I don't mind paying a little more for quality. But when you cut quality to save money, I'm usually the one who suffers.

12. We know who your worst service staff are, and we wonder why you keep them?

13. I would like to give you feedback (positive or not), but prefer not to do it in person. Please allow me to do it online.

14. I like your 'all inclusive' function packages that don't make me feel I will be short-changed.

15. I also like the way the banquet menus make me feel I got more for my money, not less (like at so many other places)

16. Your website looks old-fashioned - is that the impression you really want to give?

17. I can't stand the way some staff try to 'hard sell' me - it actually turns me off ordering extras.

18. Using your bathroom is not very pleasant, and it makes me wonder about your kitchen.

19. I want to eat better, but none of your healthy options are very interesting - is it that hard?

20. I don't like wearing glasses when I go out, and that means I can't read your menu - why does that have to be my problem?

21. (one more) My diet will always be forgotten when I see good chocolate. Can you please serve the best and most wicked chocolate treat available - I will pay!

Are there more? Ask your staff to share a secret they think a customer would tell if they were asked anonymously...a powerful discussion to plan for the new year review.

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