Hospitality is much more than word today, it has become an industry that runs the danger of becoming too high tech, with too little high touch.

Hospitality should have many adjectives, but many of us cannot precisely define it.

Hospitality means providing service to others, yet not being cast as a servant.

Adjectives that should apply to Hospitality include:

Attentive, courteous, amiable, cordial, agreeable, gracious and welcoming.

Hospitality also means demonstrating consistent excellence and quality in people skills (staff and guests), product and ambiance.

It should also mean profitably providing value and worth at any price level, while demonstrating your own unique points of distinction.

Hospitality should be smiles, trust, caring and sharing your operation’s success, regardless of you job title.

Most of all, Hospitality should be a “place”, where people can still be exceptional individuals, where they can extend their own personality and style.

Hospitality is a place and a feeling where one can build their own self-esteem and pride, by providing positive memories and experiences to our guests.

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