First of all, I have to confess that I love this business!
My first job was at age 15, peeling potatoes and washing dishes in a family run brasserie, Belgian Ardennes. Despite this ominous introduction to the industry, I caught the "restaurant bug" and went on to get my culinary arts diploma, from Tournai Hotel School, Belgium.
I have been in and around the business for almost as long as I can remember, running members clubs, resorts, institutional operations and major unique events.
At one time or another, I have made a living doing every job in a restaurant.
I have also been providing ideas and advices to food and beverage operations, all around Australasia, for the past 15 years.

I have learned a lot in my career -some by doing things right, some by doing things wrong and some by watching and working "shoulder-to-shoulder" with the more innovative and influential operators in the industry.
It seems that the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know...
Still, I have managed to gain a fair understanding of what makes restaurants work and gained an ability to pass that understanding along to others.

Now I hardly consider myself an "expert" in the industry. When I was in my mid-twenties, freshly graduated from Lausanne Hotel School, I thought so ; but now I cringe when people use that title. I am, however, an incurable student of the business as well as an insatiable guest.

Because I have a creative orientation, I seem to be able to come up with new restaurant ideas that work. Because, during my numerous travels, either business or leisure, I actively look for better ways to do things, I have some methods and developed some cultural attitudes that enable me to eliminate most of the problems that typically drive operators crazy!

I am talking about incredibly potent, common sense approaches to food and beverage services management that I was never taught anywhere in my career. I can share this with you, build them into your business from day one and teach you how to use them to get want you want.

The following materiel, you will find on this blog, deals with the issues involved in developing and/or maintaining a successful Restaurant Concept. Of necessity it is a bit generic, but it should give you a better idea of who I am, what I have done and more important, what I can do for you.
You will also get an idea of my outlook on the industry.

If my philosophy seems compatible with yours, we can discuss how we might work together. But more about that later...

I always get excited by a new project and really love the whole development process. Concept development involves balancing the strengths and limitations of the site against the competitive climate in the market considering the expertise of the operator and the budget available for the project.
I have helped a number of people (including myself!) get restaurants off the ground and I am convinced that the long term profitability of an operation is determined in the development period.

My sole intention in undertaking any assignment is to deliver documents and professional services which genuinely provide benefit to you. Toward this end, I will complete the assignment at the lowest cost and the fastest possible manner consistent with accuracy and revelance. I will maintain an open dialogue and, where appropriate, provide weekly progress memoranda.

In the performance of all duties and activities, I will act solely as your consultant. My fees are independent of, and are not in anticipation of, any equity or management position with a commercial venture which might result from an engagement.
Therefore, I want to make sure you understand not only what we have done and how to do it, but why it works. It is critical that you will be able to maintain the new results over time without me, because I do not want to create a dependent relationship with anyone.
My goal is to work myself out of a job as quick as possible. This why my work usually involves some degree of teaching and counseling. Knowledge is more powerful than ignorance, but understanding is more powerful than knowledge. What you understand, you can maintain.

I guarantee you will be delighted with the manner in which the engagement is conducted and the quality of the work produced. I will do whatever is necessary to be sure this project exceeds your expectations.

I will adequately support all my conclusions and recommendations. I do not guarantee that the results of my research will prove any particular point.
I do guarantee to approach the assignment as if I were doing the work for my own account.

And now, where do we go?
The next step is to get specific about the results you want to see and what assistance you want to be sure it happens. Contact me and let's talk it over ; then organize a premiered meeting.
There is no charge or hidden expenses for this initial free consultation.

In order to build a responsible budgeting and vigilant operations management ; I usually walk -when needed- through the following:
- Site Assessment, Financial Projections and Feasibility Studies ;
- Menu Concept Creation, Enhancement and Development ;
- Bar and Wine Cellar Management, Oenology Basic Knowledge ;
- Kitchen Concept, Work flow, and Production Cycles ;
- Branding, Merchandising and Artistic Context in Hospitality ;
- Destination Marketing, Promotions and Creative Events Management ;
- Human Resource Guidelines, Staff Training and Management Coaching ;
- Service Excellence, "Savoir-Vivre", Gastronomy and History of Taste ;
- Pre-opening Operations Strategies and Operational Review ;
- Trends in the Hospitality ;
- Competitive Winning Global strategy

If we agree to work together, I will prepare an engagement letter that outlines -into phases- our agreement on the work to be done, the desired results, the timing and the projected budgets for fees and expenses. This allow us to cancel the project at any time we determine that is not feasible.
If you concur, we will schedule a time to get started. I can promise that you will find the relationship profitable.

In the case of operational studies, I guarantee that implementing my recommendations will, within twelve months, generate additional cash flow in excess of minimum twice the fees expended. If not, whatever additional work is required to meet that goal will be provided without charge and without question.

A solution that does not work is no solution at all. I do not think you should have to pay for something that do not work, anymore that I would expect guests in my restaurant to pay if we had not given them a great time.

Privacy is important to me... and I assume it is to you, too. Rest assured that I will never release your contact, proprietary or financial information to any third party for any reason. Period...

In previous posts, I shared some thoughts and ideas on Restaurant Concept Development focusing on service excellence and creative marketing; and how I might be able to help you reach you professional goals in less time an with less effort.
Regardless of whether we establish a working relationship or not, I think you will find the information helpful.